Careers with nk Management


NK Management is looking for motivated college graduates who are ready for a fast growing company that has grown over 400% within two years! We are the BEST in the business because we think outside the box. Our industry is in need of top notch, tech savvy business oriented managers who have the drive to push the condominium industry forward. At the end of a hard working day, where do most people go? Their home! That is where NK Management comes into the picture. We help manage nearly twenty condominium associations around the island of Oahu and we are expanding our horizons every month! Our young and entrepreneurial team has taken NK Management to the top and we hope to bring you along to enjoy the view.

As an Oahu Community Association Manager, a typical day might include the following:

  • Multitasking between phone calls, emails and on site vendor/construction management with consistent response time

  • Keeping professional, well rounded relationships with all owners and board of directors of the community

  • Being deeply involved in the growth of the company’s visions, culture and creating new processes to help streamline our big business potential in this market

  • Writing professional letters for house rule violations through consistent studying of bylaws, house rules and regulations governing the association

  • Go on quality control inspections with senior managers and delegate tasks to staff members

  • Respond to emergency calls regarding fires, leaks, etc… We respond. That’s why we are the BEST

  • Flexibility for you to run your personal errands as long as the work is done and clients are taken care of

  • Provide safety inspections to ensure construction projects meet specifications and are on schedule

  • Analyze and write data reports regarding your properties to give presentations to your clients

  • Take part in weekly meetings with senior management that mentor you to reach your full potential as a valued member of our close knit team

This job might be for you, if you:

  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset in growing a business in a special market

  • Your reaction time to executing tasks in a professional manner is quick and precise

  • Able to handle calls late in the evening and using the proper protocol to addressing the issue

  • Want to create the most positive change in a company and in the communities around Oahu

  • Think on your feet when there are unplanned situations that happen

  • Like solving problems and directly feeling the impact of your solutions

  • Are driven by long term goals and envision the bigger picture for the company down the road

  • Desire to learn multiple departments of business: finance, management, human resources and marketing

  • Communicate efficiently with all types of applications: Facebook, Facetime, WhatsApp, Trello and Standard Messaging

  • Are a team player and welcome a different challenge everyday

Ready to apply? Send all resumes/cover letters/inquiries to: