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The Dog Days of Site Management

As one of my residents was leaving to go to work he noticed that there was a loose dog running around the street outside of the building...


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Waste Pipe Retrofitting Guide

When considering a pipe replacement project there are three major components that must be addressed:

(1) The age of the building

(2) Plumbing pipe repair history

(3) A pipe investigation.

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For those properties that have swimming pools it provides the means for their tenants to escape from the heat, exercise, or simply relax.  Along with the joys of water use, consideration should be given to the responsibility of safety.

Not all pool-related accidents happen in the water … 

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Fire Prevention System and Procedures

For those who are trapped in their units, here are some tips to help you survive until emergency responders arrive


Fire Hydrants are often the solution to an emergency. When hit by a moving vehicle, they can become the emergency to solve. Accidents happen

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Stay in your lane

The status quo for many condominium associations is to hire a site manager or resident manager to do everything in the building including but not limited to...

Heat pump and storage tank preventative maintenance

On average, the life-span of heat pump units built in the 1970s and 1980s is about 15 years, but individual units may vary and last much longer depending on use and how well they are maintained. Based on the manufacturer's suggested service life...