A Day in the Life of a NK-Manager: Fire Hydrant / by Kawena Bautista

Fire Hydrant HPD HFD Site management emergency water

Fire Hydrants are often the solution to an emergency. When hit by a moving vehicle, they can become the emergency to solve. Accidents happen. In July of 2017, an NK managed townhouse complex experienced a knocked down hydrant. The strong spray catapulted the hydrant into two parked vehicles several feet away.

HFD(Honolulu Fire Department) Firefighters were called to the scene to shut off the hydrant but failed in various attempts. HPD(Honolulu Police Department) officers were onsite to document the two parked vehicles hit by the flying hydrant. It finally came down to calling the BOWS(Board of Water Supply). They handle emergencies dealing with high pressure water. Within an hour BOWS technicians were called on site to locate and shut off water valve leading to the hydrant.

These situations can involve many specialists as HPD “documents the situation,” HFD “detains the water flow,” and BOWS “eliminates the water flow.” It is important to note that any fire hydrant built into a property is the responsibility of the association, not the city & county of Honolulu.

Two things a site manager should consider when things like this occur are, what was the police report number and whom are my special contacts to repair this issue.

The police report number is a key element to writing out a detailed incident report. Very few companies on Oahu deal with fire hydrant repairs so calling plumbers and gathering references are valuable. Fortunately, NK utilizes social media apps and specialized drives to share these specialized contractors. Within a month, the hydrant was restored and the association insurance was able to cover damage expenses.



Austin Coen

Site Manager