Stay In Your Lane / by Kawena Bautista

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The status quo for many condominium associations is to hire a site manager or resident manager to do everything in the building including but not limited to:

  1. Custodial/Janitorial Duties - sweeping, mopping, cleaning, dusting

  2. Landscaping Duties - mow, weed, trim, blow, irrigation, water grass, and clean up debris

  3. Resident/Site Manager Duties - deal with owner’s issues/complaints, deal with vendors, enforce house rules, provide customer service, review/approve renovation requests, be the liaison on behalf of the owners, respond to emergencies, must know how to use email and computers effectively, and be a good communicator.

The problem is this “ONE” person does not exist. In fact, these three positions all have different pay rates and skill sets required to perform at a high level. Understanding what needs to be done by the right people is key. Often times we see a janitorial skill set person get promoted to become the building manager but they lack the skill sets of a real manager. The condo association may benefit from paying this person much less than they would for a real manager. The problem is these associations end up setting this person up to fail miserably. Each of these positions and their pay rates should stay in their own lane:

  • Custodial personnel usually make minimum wage and a few dollars higher.

  • Landscapers usually start a few dollars higher than minimum wage.

  • On site or resident managers will normally be salary personnel making 40K - 80K+ depending on their experience.


Make the right choice with your building personnel. At NK Management, we carefully assess the building’s needs before we submit our proposals. Having each of these three workers working closely with one another as a team is NK Management’s philosophy and teamwork approach. Contact us for a free proposal and assessment by emailing