The Dog Days of Site Management / by Kawena Bautista

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As a Site Manager you never know what to expect day in and day out.  At any given time you could be dealing with an emergency at your property such as a water leak, fire, broken elevator, malfunctioning fob system, etc…  Then you have that other end of the spectrum where an owner needs information on renovations they plan to do to their unit, a plumber or handyman recommendation, questions about the house rules, or an auntie that just wants to come into the office to talk story with you.

Another situation that you might encounter is what do you do if someone brings a stray dog into your office?

As one of my residents was leaving to go to work he noticed that there was a loose dog running around the street outside of the building.  This dog had a leash with a collar that had a “2016-17 Hawaii Dog Tag w/five-digit number” but no other information on it such as a phone number or owner name.  This resident stood out on the street looking to see if someone was running to chase after the dog, but no-one was insight.  Because he was late for work, he brought the dog into the manager's office and asked if I could take care of it.

First thing I did was get the dog some water, and after he gulped the entire dish down he then laid down and relaxed.  I called the Humane Society, and after going through the menu prompts twice, the only option was to leave a message for someone to then call me back to then arrange a time for them to come out and pick-up the dog.  Since this occurred towards the end of the day and just over an hour before the office closing time, I didn’t want to wait for someone to call me back who may not even come out so I picked up the dog and drove him to the Humane Society.

I could tell that the little guy liked car rides, as he was having the time of his life in the back seat of my truck.  When we arrived at the Humane Society he started excitedly barking and jumped into the front seat, like we were arriving at grandma’s house for Sunday dinner.

The workers at the Humane Society informed me that the tag he was wearing was from the Big Island and appeared to be registered through the system on Kona.

Hopefully the little guy finds his owners, as this is just another example of a curveball that can be thrown your way when you’re the Site Manager of a property.