Pool Safety Tips / by Kawena Bautista

Pool Safety.png

For those properties that have swimming pools it provides the means for their tenants to escape from the heat, exercise, or simply relax.  Along with the joys of water use, consideration should be given to the responsibility of safety.

Not all pool-related accidents happen in the water … There is the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents as a result of poor pool deck maintenance or because of personal items left on the pool deck.  Some slip-and-fall accident victims can end up in the water resulting in serious injury or death.

In the unlikely event that someone should fall into the pool, make sure that your property has the following…

  • A light, strong, non-telescopic reaching pole no less then 12 feet long including a securely attached body hook or shepherd’s crook type of pole having blunted ends.  (Many properties have a short pole with a net on the end to fish leaves or debris out of the pool).

  • A US Coast Guard-approved ring buoy with an outside diameter of 15 to 24 inches to which has been firmly attached a throwing rope that is at least as long as two-thirds of the maximum width of the pool.

  • Deck areas of swimming pools and spas have three areas of concern: (1) Deck Obstructions (2) Condition of the decking material (3) Entrance and exit areas.  To help insure the safety of these area’s…

  • Pool deck should be kept free of equipment and personal belongings.

  • There should be at least a four-foot clearance around the pool’s edge of lounge chairs, umbrella tables, and other deck furniture.

  • Glass objects must never be allowed on the pool deck

  • Pool deck should be checked on a daily basis for standing water or slippery areas.  If any slippery area’s exist a “Wet Floor” sign should be posted.

  • Any damage to the pool deck surface or material should be noted and repaired as soon as possible.

  • Strict rule against running and horseplay on the pool deck.


By Mark Aronson